My Project for MIEE: My Horn My Life

Dear Friends,

From an Annual Day presentation on Social Awareness, I have initiated this online project to address a ‘REAL-WORLD PROBLEM – SOLVING’ culminating into a blog on a very sensitive subject. Save the Great Indian One horned Rhinoceros. As we are all aware that Rhinoceros has been widely under threat in Assam and in other parts of the state where they have been allocated, primarily for the wonderful Rhino believing in a Myth that it contains medicinal value.

The purpose of the project is to instill among the school children the awareness to grow a positive attitude to save the Great Indian Rhinoceros. All inputs to the project is through the meaningful use of Networking Facebook,Twitter and Skype.

“The Great Indian Rhinoceros has been hunted since ages to satisfy the myth that it contain medicinal value. Poaching, mainly for the use of the horn in traditional Chinese medicine, has remained a constant threat leading to the decrease in the Rhino populations. Poaching for rhinoceros horn became the single most important reason for the decline of the Indian rhino after conservation measures were put in place from the beginning of the 20th century, when legal hunting ended. The Kaziranga National Park in Assam has been the natural habitat for the Great Indian Rhinoceros. But unfortunately, poaching has been on a high and killing of a Rhino is always on the news. The children will work on the project collecting information and generate a voice to be a part of the ‘Save the Rhino’ network”.

The students are welcome to submit their paintings, stories, reports, poem and photographs for the project. They will also have access to interact with Wildlife experts, Photographers, the Media and people from various walks of life and use audio-video documentation and share content on the available platforms. The contributors will have access to free software/ apps courtesy Microsoft in Education to create their content using suitable free to use software. The end product will be a blog where we shall be have interactions from a varied audience.

This project will also make way for application of 21st Century skills like collaboration, teamwork and using of ICT. The blog has been already created and I am now looking for your support by motivating your children and Teachers to use some of the elements and be a part of this online campaign.

This project is a great example for online collaboration for Real World Problem-Solving.

The project is open for all student from Class V and above. The language is English.

Our Great One-horned Indian Rhinoceros really need our support and protected for posterity and of course what a wonderful species on Earth we all have to protect.

We have an NGO ‘ Green Wall of Africa SEE Projects (NPO)’ from South Africa has recently joined us and we are looking forward to some Skype sessions with my school children where they shall be addressing a similar situation with the South African Rhinoceros.Sanctuary Asia Magazine has also extended their support to the project.

I thank Microsoft for giving me this amazing opportunity to showcase this project globally.

poster MIE 2015 _anutoshdeb

  (Details of the Project can be downloaded by Teachers and students)

10 January 2015: Media Coverage on Times of India  Guwahati Edition


Thank you

Looking forward to your collaboration and support.

Anutosh Deb

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